Different Types of Essay Format The Essay Format Outline

Any essay format used in academic setting as its own peculiarities and specific features. If we talk of classification and descriptive essay format dwelling on the same topic, well have not really different content of essays but how this content is arranged and what aspects are highlighted.

There are dozens of essay formats which are different in their focus and information arrangement and when you are asked to deal with this or that essay format, you have to know what characteristics it has and what should be included into it.

Here we are going to introduce several widely used essay formats:

Informative essay is directed towards collection of maximum possible information on the subject of research. It should have clear and logical structure and view an object under analysis from different vantage points. The more information and different views you get, the better. Here you are not to be obligatory persuasive and convincing. The main task is to collect reliable, trustworthy information from decent sources.

Persuasive essay format is about making a reader believe in your point of view and trust your arguments. For this you have employ all means of persuasion language, cognitive and rhetorical. When you provide your assumptions with substantial and believable arguments, you half way to success. The second half way is to provide a flawless writing style.

Reflective essay is a format of individual writing which can be totally based on personal experience of an author. It is not obligatory to tell about some phenomenon from scientific perspective but express your personal opinion on it is better evaluated in this essay format.

Process and procedure essay is a detailed description of certain procedures. It is that writing style which is found in manuals and instructions or other guidance writing. Process and procedure format requires not only good research but excellent, empirical knowledge of the process to be described. You will never make comprehensive directives if you have no personal experience in process participation.

Argumentative essay presents ideas and facts in their opposition to other ideas and facts about the same object. Thus one has to view an object from different angles and vantage points and lead the readers to certain conclusion. It requires strong writing skills and ability of persuasive writing.

Critical analysis essay requires impeccable logicality of argumentation and thorough research of all possible information on the topic. one has to articulate ones view point lucidly and make relevant conclusions based on research.

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